What type of flooring should you get?

We all want to have a beautiful and comfortable home. The kind of flooring we use in our home might mean so much for the sparkle we wish to see; and the warmth we hope to feel. To this end, the options of using a carpet or wooden flooring may appear equally attractive. If one has to make a choice between both options, which would it be? As much as individual preference plays a huge role, it is worth examining the upside and downside of each.

Beauty and Aesthetics

Wooden floors really look amazing. Wooden floors are simply elegant, having a breath taking radiance because it is finely polished. Wooden floors are also notable for not absorbing smells; and in fact smell really good. On the other hand, carpets are really not as a radiant, and significantly absorb smells. Apart from glitter and shine, there are other factors that are also worthy of consideration.


Warmth and comfort

When it comes to warmth, carpets are the ideal thing. Carpets are remarkably more comfortable than hardwood flooring as sitting and lying on them is very cozy. Carpets also provide more thermal insulation, making walking barefooted in the home– especially when the weather is cold—conceivable. Hardwood on the other hand doesn’t measure up to carpet in this regard. Carpets also absorb sound and this minimizes echoes in the home, thereby enhancing the comfort.  Make sure that you hire a carpet cleaning business to maintain your carpets if you do decide to go this route.

Durability and Cost

Hardwood flooring is extremely durable; they can be refinished to have a fresher look and also re-polished for luster. However, hardwood floors are far more expensive than carpets. Carpets are fairly durable and are generally easier and faster to fit into a home. Moreover, they are cheap and are a good choice, anyway.


Hardwood floors are far easier to maintain than carpets. Carpets are easily stained; they have to be vacuumed regularly; and it is recommended they are steamed once year. Having considered these, many agree that flooring is one of the most important decisions that a home owner makes; therefore, it is worth giving a serious thought.