How to produce less garbage

In 2007, 65% of packaging (plastics, cans, wood products and cartons) was recycled in Canada, which is not bad, although it is still not enough. If we increase the number of recycled products, we will reduce the amount of trash that is stored, as well as the emissions that these stores generate, and the raw material will follow its useful cycle, although this recycling process generates a very high energy and water expense and in turn consumes resources as well. Unfortunately, we continue to generate more waste than we can cover at such a speed that it is very difficult to react effectively.

Solutions to garbage disposal

One of the solutions is to install more garbage incinerators in landfills, to reduce it to ashes. But there is not much information about the smoke and gases that will generate this combustion, and it seems that it is also not the very good solution since there are opinions contrary to these incinerators.

The best solution, besides recycling, is obvious, not generate. If we can stop the pace and the amount of waste that we produce, we will be able to find better solutions for our waste, on the other hand we will consume less and reduce the cost in our daily economy, since we often pay more than 75% of the final price per the wrapping of the product rather than the product itself.

Of course, there is one more thing that can be done. Make sure that you get rid of food waste efficiently and quickly. When you have ground it up with your garbage disposal then you can always throw it into the compost.