How to produce less garbage

In 2007, 65% of packaging (plastics, cans, wood products and cartons) was recycled in Canada, which is not bad, although it is still not enough. If we increase the number of recycled products, we will reduce the amount of trash that is stored, as well as the emissions that these stores generate, and the raw material will follow its useful cycle, although this recycling process generates a very high energy and water expense and in turn consumes resources as well. Unfortunately we continue to generate more waste than we can cover at such a speed that it is very difficult to react effectively.

Solutions to garbage disposal

One of the solutions is to install more garbage incinerators in landfills, to reduce it to ashes. But there is not much information about the smoke and gases that will generate this combustion, and it seems that it is also not very good solution since there are opinions contrary to these incinerators.

The best solution, besides recycling, is obvious, not generate. If we can stop the pace and the amount of waste that we produce, we will be able to find better solutions for our waste, on the other hand we will consume less and reduce the cost in our daily economy, since we often pay more than 75% of the final price per the wrapping of the product rather than the product itself.

Of course, there is one more thing that can be done. Make sure that you get rid of food waste efficiently and quickly. When you have ground it up with your garbage disposal then you can always throw it into the compost.

How to Handle a Destructive Dog



What is termed destructive behavior in dogs can involve many behaviors such as:Chewing of books
Tearing textiles
Scratches on furniture
Urine and feces in places not permitted
These different behaviors can be done in the absence or presence of the owner, both indoors and outdoors. As a result, many owners can see that the plantings in the garden have been ransacked or that their dog has grown to dig multiple holes in the lawn.: These behavior can cost the owner to replace all damaged items. It can also expose the dog to danger.

Contrary to what one can very often hear, a dog never destroys its environment to take revenge on its master. Indeed, dogs do not know this kind of emotion is too complex for them.

What to do when the dog destroys the carpet for example is the same reaction you should apply when your dog destroys anything. In all cases, destructive behavior is a reflection of a psychological disorder whose cause must be systematically investigated. Thus, two major questions must be asked:

When did the dog begin to manifest this behavior? Has there been introduced a change in his daily life? 
What does it destroy in particular?
The answer to these questions can already shed light on the diagnosis. For example, it is important to know that a young puppy needs to nibble, notably to “make his teeth”. Similarly, a dog urinating when excited will be the sign that the self-tests have not been acquired. If your dog begins to be aggressive at the time of release, then it is the hierarchy that has not been sufficiently established. It can also be a real separation anxiety. In any case, it is crucial to identify the cause of the destructive behavior in order to act accordingly. As a precautionary measure, also consult your veterinarian in order to eliminate any suspicion of illness.

Each dog has its own character, so far there is no “miracle” solution to quickly remedy the problems of destruction. Correcting behavior requires time and regularity. Indeed, symptoms will only improve gradually.The most radical and considered solution by often overworked owners is abandoning the dog. Fortunately, there are other alternatives today. There are also supplements containing naturally soothing substances. Obviously, they assume that they can be swallowed by the dog, which can sometimes be difficult for the less docile animals. As an owner, it is up to you to respect certain principles so as not to aggravate the symptoms of your pet:
Even if it is sometimes very difficult do not to react violently, you must always keep calm.

The important thing to remember is always to first consult a veterinarian in case of sudden appearance of a change of behavior. Then we must ask ourselves precisely in order to find the cause of the barking. Finally, the behavior of a dog is also accompanied by a change in behavior of the owner. If, however, you are experiencing difficulty or feel unable to perform such a task, do not hesitate to consult a canine behaviorist to help you.

What type of flooring should you get?

We all want to have a beautiful and comfortable home. The kind of flooring we use in our home might mean so much for the sparkle we wish to see; and the warmth we hope to feel. To this end, the options of using a carpet or wooden flooring may appear equally attractive. If one has to make a choice between both options, which would it be? As much as individual preference plays a huge role, it is worth examining the upside and downside of each.

Beauty and Aesthetics

Wooden floors really look amazing. Wooden floors are simply elegant, having a breath taking radiance because it is finely polished. Wooden floors are also notable for not absorbing smells; and in fact smell really good. On the other hand, carpets are really not as a radiant, and significantly absorb smells. Apart from glitter and shine, there are other factors that are also worthy of consideration.


Warmth and comfort

When it comes to warmth, carpets are the ideal thing. Carpets are remarkably more comfortable than hardwood flooring as sitting and lying on them is very cozy. Carpets also provide more thermal insulation, making walking barefooted in the home– especially when the weather is cold—conceivable. Hardwood on the other hand doesn’t measure up to carpet in this regard. Carpets also absorb sound and this minimizes echoes in the home, thereby enhancing the comfort.  Make sure that you hire a carpet cleaning business to maintain your carpets if you do decide to go this route.

Durability and Cost

Hardwood flooring is extremely durable; they can be refinished to have a fresher look and also re-polished for luster. However, hardwood floors are far more expensive than carpets. Carpets are fairly durable and are generally easier and faster to fit into a home. Moreover, they are cheap and are a good choice, anyway.


Hardwood floors are far easier to maintain than carpets. Carpets are easily stained; they have to be vacuumed regularly; and it is recommended they are steamed once year. Having considered these, many agree that flooring is one of the most important decisions that a home owner makes; therefore, it is worth giving a serious thought.